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5 tips to create a more sustainable interior for your home.

Happy Earth Day from HE Studio Interiors! We have prepared a few tips for creating a more sustainable interior in your home. In this blog we have looked at lighting, renewable & recycled materials, longevity, healthy environments and how to work with what you already have. We hope you enjoy reading and if you have any questions please get in touch, we would love to hear from you!

1. Lights

Switch your light bulbs to LEDs - it is common practice now that new lighting will use LEDs, however you may still have few filament bulbs in an old lamp or bathroom pendant. With LEDs using 70-80% less energy than other types of light bulbs it’s a great thing to check!

2. Renewable & Recycled Materials

Integrating more renewable materials such as wool, timber and bamboo - A lot of furniture is constructed out of natural materials and renewable sources. The best things to look out for is FSC certification for timber used in the product and if the upholstery is made from natural materials such as wool or hemp.

There are increasingly more manufacturers now creating product lines which utilise a variety of waste for fabrics, chairs and carpets - there are a lot more options that are of great quality and create new purpose from waste materials.

3. Longevity

Investing in pieces that are of good quality - you really do get what you pay for with furniture and finishes. Investing at the start will mean you will not be having to replace items as frequently.

4. Design for Healthy Environments

Introducing plants, getting fresh air into your home and ensuring that there are no damp issues to make sure the air you are breathing is of good quality.

Avoid synthetic materials where possible, checking what your furniture, bedsheets, cushions are made from to see if you can reduce these items where possible and be informed of what you are bringing into your home.

5. Working with what you have

Get creative! The most sustainable approach is to work with what you have. Ask yourself questions like 'what can I do to give this item a new lease of life?' and 'would my existing armchair work with my space if I got it reupholstered?'

Photo by Rumman Amin

Thanks for reading!

At HE we are focused on creating great quality interiors that are healthy, sustainable and long lasting. If you enjoyed our blog and are unsure where to start or have more questions you can get in touch via our contact us page or DM us on Instagram.

Have a great day!

Hermione & Eve

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